Print Muldy 3500 Cargo black with E- and Handpump and Ramps

Muldy 3500 Cargo black with E- and Handpump and Ramps

Muldy 3500 Cargo black with E- and Handpump and Ramps
9.490,76 EUR
excl. 19 % german VAT

Trough-backwards tipper trailer with tandemaxle and compact outer measurements.
Specifically designed for extremely high loads in the building-, or communal- or gardening sector.
The trough is nearly indestructible by using high-strength fine-grained steel.
(see below attached video)
Transport of compact, heavy construction equipment is possible due to solid lashing rings in the trough floor
here: Edition
- electric hydraulic pump, hand emergency pump and battery charger
- 8 heavy lashing rings in the floor
- steel-ramps mounted at the outside of trough

Completly galvanized frame
Painting of trough: powder coated Black RAL9005
discount for trought in dustgrey RAL 7037

GVW : 3.500 kgs
payload : appr. 2.600 kgs
trailer nose weight : 150 kgs
tilt angle : 45°
Load volume : 2,5 m³
trough measurement : L 250 cms x W 164 cms x H 65 cms

outer length : 415 cms
outer width : 168 cms
outer height : 140 cms
tyres : 185 R14 C M+S

Construction and equipment:

  • Construction and equipment:
  • Torsionally rigid frame and Muldes made from special steel
  • All frame components completely galvanized in immersion bath
  • Trough powder coated grey RAL 7037
  • Rubber torsion axles with integrated shock absorption
  • Maintenance-free suspension and maintenance free bearings
  • Nieper-control device with safety clutch
  • 150kg vertical load permitted
  • The control device can be mounted in 4 different heights
  • Low-maintenance wheel brake with automatic reverse
  • Integrated underride protection
  • Quality tires in 185R14C
  • 5-step in a very steep angle of tilt and tilt cylinders simultaneously high ground clearance
  • Trough is tilted by external electro-hydraulic pump
  • - with addittional hand emergency pump
  • - strong 12V battery
  • - wired remote controll
  • - external battery charger
  • Top round welded hooks to hang nets and straps
  • Side-hinged, adjustable rear door, 270 degree swivel with solid security closure
  • Wire mesh frame , height: 80 cms
  • Steel ramps mounted on the ouside of trough
  • 13-pin plug + reversing lights
  • Very solid jockey wheel
  • 2 rear stands mounted
  • 8 x solid lashing ring in loading floor
  • EURO 115,- Towing eye with 40mm diameter
  • EURO 155,- Tailgate with alternative possible tilting function
  • EURO 355,- Hot-dip galvanized tractor three-point hitch block with ball point: The towing bracket can be mounted on the three point hydraulic linkage of modern tractors to couple Muldy on (only for use on private grounds!)
  • M U L D Y - T I P P E R :
  • The ideal trailer for the construction and landscaping sector. With its compact dimensions and its extreme durability required materials can be transported easily to sites that are not accessible to large vehicles. The tilting mechanism is operated by the hydraulic system of the tractor. As an option, an electro-hydraulic system (including remote control and battery storage) can be delivered. Together with the E-pump comes a hand emergency pump for the case that the battery is empty. With the three-point tractor trailer bracket the M U L D Y can be pulled on non public roads by tractors, making it even more versatile.
  • The M U L D Y in Action:
  • The M U L D Y in Action: