Direction for the online-shop

First of all select the product range in the left navigation bar and scroll down to the item you are looking for in the middle main window.

The fastest way to find a product is by “search“ in the edge of the right navigation window.

When you have found your article simply click on the “now buying!“ button, then it is pre-booked in the shopping cart.

To look at the content of your shopping cart, click on the shopping cart in the upper right corner on your screen. Now you can see the whole content of your shopping cart in the main window. There you can see and check all articles of your order. Added to that you can change the quantity or delete several products. After changing you have to click on the button “update shopping cart“ to save the modification and to calculate the new wholesale prices, volume discount and quantity.

By clicking on “cash-point“ you reach the window to fill in your personal data.
In case you are already customer in our online-shop, simply log in with your e-mail address and your password. When you are a new customer, please click on “New customer“ and register yourself for our online-shop.
After entering your address for account respectively your delivery address and the mode of dispatch you reach the window with the payment instructions by clicking on the “next“ button. You reach the summary of your order by clicking on “next“. At the latest you should have read our terms and conditions there and agree with them. Besides there you can give us notes or technical references before the final ordering.

By clicking on “next“ there is again a summary of your order and transfered to us by clicking on “next“ one more time. After a successful transfer and correct submission of your e-mail address you will get an automatically confirmation of your order by e-mail.

That's it! Now enjoy looking at our online-catalogue for automobile-trailers.

Your Trailer-buy team!