Prices and VAT

All our displayed prices are net and do not include value added tax (VAT). Apart from 19% VAT contingently there will be no further costs added.

We will calculate 19% VAT to buyers from non-EU-countries at first, but we will transfer the VAT amount back to the buyer after the submission of a confirmation about the regular export. Please send export explanatory notes only in the original and only via certified mail to us.

We will calculate 19% VAT to private purchaser from EU-countries. At our state of knowledge buyer do not have to pay further value VAT in their home country. Please obtain further information about this from the revenue authorities in your country.

Commercial buyer from EU-countries with an own VAT tax identification number do not have to pay German VAT. They pay only the displayed prices.
For the net-bill we do need following:
1. the VAT tax identification number
2. A certificate of registration, from which we can see the exact trade name, address and the name of the owner respectively the administrator.
3. A copy of the passport from the owner respectively the administrator.

In case the owner of the company respectively the administrator does not want to pick up the purchased trailer by himself, we do need an authorization with original signature of the owner/administrator.
Either the authorized person has to show it at the point of collection to us or send it to us by post service in original before picking up the trailer.

In the authorization the constituent and the authorized person, the date and the company data need to be listed. Added to that it has to be affirmed that the purchased trailer will be brought directly to the regarding EU-country.